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Thanks to all your help and support here is it: Our Active Learning Lesson Plan Database.

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The Microbial World Around (and In!) Us lesson plan Anonymous 2017/01/27 - 10:51am
Energy Conversion in Electricity – Resistors and Circuits (lesson three of eight) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 9:45am
The energy of life in zebrafish (lesson six of eight) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 10:27am
Meet a Land Snail lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 11:11am
Amylase Experiment 2.0 lesson plan Anonymous 2017/01/27 - 1:57pm
Conversion of energy into different forms (lesson two of eight) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 10:35am
Meet an Aquatic Snail lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 11:12am
Demonstrating how to Conduct Controlled Investigations: Example Using Sound lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 9:27am
Understanding Germs (Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/22 - 3:04pm
What is the best brand of paper towel? lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 3:41pm
Investigating the types of energy in different objects (lesson one of eight) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 11:05am
Observing and Drawing the Structures of Guppies and Goldfish lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 1:10pm
Antigen switching in malaria lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 8:54am
States of Matter (lesson five of eight) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 10:58am
Do You Know Bamboo? lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 9:55am
Yeast Mutagenesis lesson plan Anonymous 2017/01/27 - 9:57am
Forensics Crime Lab lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 10:47am
Polarity of Magnets lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 1:37pm
Electromagnets (lesson four of eight) lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/23 - 9:37am
Hands On With Cells - Using Slide Viewers and Microscopes lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 10:51am
Problems in Meiosis Lead to Disease lesson plan Anonymous 2017/01/27 - 9:49am
How does the pH environment affect bioavailability of Iron? lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 11:08am
Sheep Heart Dissection lesson plan Anonymous 2014/10/20 - 1:55pm
NIEHS Kid's page - Optical Illusions weblink Anonymous 2010/02/01 - 12:35pm
Neuronal Signaling and Pain lesson plan Anonymous 2017/01/27 - 10:10am
Perception and the Brain lesson plan Ben Koo 2014/10/20 - 1:30pm
Alternative Energy Part I (lesson seven of eight) lesson plan Claudia 2014/10/23 - 10:14am
Alternative Energy Part II (lesson eight of eight) lesson plan Claudia 2014/10/27 - 8:40pm
Why iron in Total cereal can be detected by a magnet, as well as merits of iron and drawbacks of too much iron weblink Claudia 2007/10/02 - 3:04pm
Pollination lesson plan Jen 2014/10/20 - 1:41pm
Cleaning Water: A 5th Grade Standards-Based Science Unit lesson plan Jen 2014/10/20 - 9:04am
Budding Botanist citation Jen 2010/03/31 - 11:03am
Copyright © 2007 The regents of the University of California citation Jen 2010/03/31 - 1:40pm
David Mann Bio weblink Jen 2010/03/31 - 1:36pm
Skulls- Herbivores, Omnivores, and Carnivores lesson plan Jen 2014/10/20 - 1:58pm
Flower diagram with out parts labeled weblink Jen 2010/03/31 - 1:30pm
Detecting Photosynthesis- Analyzing Other Scientists' Data lesson plan Jen 2014/10/20 - 10:36am
USGS Website - with Bird Beak buffet description weblink Jen 2010/03/31 - 1:39pm
Understanding Air Pressure (a lesson series) lesson plan Jen 2014/10/20 - 3:09pm
Food production, Population growth and GMOs lesson plan Jen 2017/01/27 - 11:01am
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