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Alternative Energy Part I (lesson seven of eight) Engineering, Physical Science, Science Skills Students design a car that could be powered without gasoline. A class discussion ensues on different energies you could use to power a car. The... May 2007
Alternative Energy Part II (lesson eight of eight) Engineering, Physical Science, Science Skills Student take their cars outside to a "time track" and a "distance track". They measure how fast their car goes 10 feet on the "time track" and how... May 2007
Amylase - Exploring digestion and evolution through a molecular machine Biology/Life Science The lesson is designed around two sets of experiments. The first set demonstrates that amylase is a digestive enzyme that degrades starch into sugar... Mar 2011
Amylase Experiment 2.0 Biology/Life Science, Science Skills Students will use the amylase starch digestion experiment to see enzymes in action. After they've done a run-through of the basic protocol, they'll... Sep 2014
Antigen switching in malaria Biology/Life Science In this activity, students will model how the parasitic malaria protist Plasmodium falciparum evades the host immune response through a phenomenon... Sep 2009
Cleaning Water: A 5th Grade Standards-Based Science Unit Chemistry, Earth Science, Engineering, Science Skills Many children around the world die due to drinking contaminated water.  This engaging science lesson will allow students learn how to build and... Sep 2009
Comparison of Normal vs Mutant Zebrafish Embryos Biology/Life Science Objective: Apply observation, description skills and teaching to your peers what you learned. Feb 2007
Conversion of energy into different forms (lesson two of eight) Physical Science Students investigate flash paper, rubber bands, a mechanical crank, and a radiometer to determine the energy conversion occurring in each. Aug 2007
Demonstrating how to Conduct Controlled Investigations: Example Using Sound FOSS-Related, Physical Science, Science Skills The teacher conducts an investigation to compare the sound produced by two different sized pipes (higher pitch, lower pitch, louder, softer). ... Sep 2009
Detecting Photosynthesis- Analyzing Other Scientists' Data Biology/Life Science Students will analyze the results of another scientist's experiment by examining leaves that have been exposed to different treatments, and draw... Nov 2007
DNA structure and replication Biology/Life Science Students assemble a DNA molecule, using magnetic pieces representing sugar, phosphate and the nitrogenous bases on magnetic whiteboards. Students... Apr 2007
Do You Know Bamboo? Earth Science, FOSS-Related, Physical Science Bamboo shares many similarities with wood in their appearance (brown and fibrous) and usage (furniture, flooring etc). Bamboo strips will be studied... Sep 2009
Draw an Alien in its Natural Habitat Biology/Life Science This is an extension and assessment activity for the Unit, "What is a Living Thing, and How Does a Living Thing... Jun 2008
Electromagnets (lesson four of eight) Physical Science, Science Skills Introduce the scientific method, control and variable. Reiterate that electricity can be used to create magnetic energy and discuss the different... Jul 2007
Energy Conversion in Electricity – Resistors and Circuits (lesson three of eight) Engineering, Physical Science, Science Skills Students are introduced to the concept of a resistor and reminded about electrical energy from the previous lesson. They are then challenged to... Aug 2007
Exploring chemical bonding Chemistry Students will engage in an exploration demonstrating the Octet rule and chemical bonding using paper models of elements forming covalent and ionic... Aug 2010
Extract your own DNA from cheek cells Biology/Life Science Students will extract DNA from their own cheek cells. May 2007
Food production, Population growth and GMOs Biology/Life Science This interactive lesson is part of a lesson series (3 total) that focuses on topic of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The first lesson focuses... Jul 2012
Forensics Crime Lab Biology/Life Science, Chemistry, Science Skills A crime is staged in the classroom.  After observing the crime scene, student identify and collect crime scene evidence.  Students use... Aug 2009
Hands On With Cells - Using Slide Viewers and Microscopes Biology/Life Science In this activity students use microscopes and slide viewers to visualize cells and record what they see. Emphasis is on *recording observations*.... Sep 2009